Student Program

International Student Program

What we do

  • Set right expectations for our students
  • End-to-end support with immigration process and post-arrival set up
  • Licensed training centers which are operated by Karma and offer local scholarships to all qualified students to train and prepare for CN employment
  • Employ trainers who are highly skilled
  • Option to provide additional training and certifications (ACLS, BLS, EMR, etc)
  • Extensive and transparent pre-screening of applicants

Student Training

Student Recruitment

Student Immigration

Student Placement

Integrated Value Chain Management

Benefits to students

  • Student education in Canada
  • Assist with immigration Visa Document
  • Local on-boarding support in Canada
  • Job placement post graduation and passing
  • Karma will work to insure appropriate sponsorships

Benefits to Universities

  • Increased Branding Globally
  • Access to a highly educated and motivated student body
  • Guaranteed enrolment annually
  • Improved passing rates
  • With Karma we assist with job placement post graduation
  • Develop stronger relationships with leading organizations!

With Karma you are dealing with a firm that has total ownership of the entire recruitment value chain and has complete control of the process through which each candidate travels.

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Nurse migration is not an economic zero sum game

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