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An Organization with the Right People and the Right Commitment

Karma Services is a leader in ethical recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals and students and is one of the very few North American companies approved and certified by CGFNS. Karma was founded on the basis of providing optimal strategies to assist in the U.S. and Canadian nursing shortage. Karma Services works directly with Healthcare Systems to provide the ethical recruitment of international professionals to meet their growing demand. Additionally, Karma Services has established a growing presence in the international student market, partnering with several colleges throughout North America for support the growing demand from international students looking to study abroad.

Karma Services has over 15 year of expertise in the field of healthcare workforce strategy.

Strong expertise in recruitment, training, certifications and immigration

Partner with governmental agencies, multi-specialty nursing schools and certification training centers in countries where we recruit from.

Tailor-made training curriculum based on hospital requirements.

Our team is comprised of nurses and healthcare professionals ensuring only the highest quality of nurses migrate.

Certified by CGFNS as an Ethical Recruitment.

Why Us

  • Our “agency provided” nursing solutions model, which simplifies and streamlines the training and recruitment of foreign nurses to work in Canadian healthcare facilities, while guaranteeing a high-quality product tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Our diversified recruiting strategy, which aims a spotlight on a growing number of target recruitment countries over time. Prospective students are screened via an entrance exam to ensure high pass rates on regulatory exams. This ensures our access to the largest possible pool of prospective nurse candidates, as well the scale to place enough nurses to satisfy large staffing orders from major customers.
  • We provide foreign nurses who successfully complete our training programs employment opportunities at top-ranked Canadian hospitals.
  • Large English-speaking populations in our target recruitment countries, which enhance our ability to attract a large number of qualified students in our training programs.
  • Our proprietary training program, which enables us to retain the most optimal students in terms of academic success and customer satisfaction.
  • We charge no placement fee for candidates who successfully complete our training programs.
  • We design customized, in-house training programs tailored to the specific needs of our Canadian client base. Clients are encouraged to travel to our foreign training centers to personally interview nurse clients and to oversee the training process.
  • We strive to ensure that all of our training centers deliver a consistent quality of education regardless of geography.
  • We have developed strong and diversified client relationships with several large Canadian healthcare and education-based organizations.
  • Our interactive Web-based nurse tracking system, which enables customers to timely track the progress of their nurses at each stage of the placement process.
Trusted advisors to U.S. and Canadian Health Systems and Colleges
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies
  • Engage directly with Health Systems and Colleges to facilitate cultural and professional assimilation as needed



Nurse migration is not an economic zero sum game

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